• All tour packages are subject to change without any prior notice following the on-site conditions that which may occur due to factors beyond the control of Travion Tours. The participants understand, agree and allow the tour guide to decide what is best for the safety and comfort of the whole group.
  • For tour participant who are over 60 (sixty) years old or all those  who need special assistance will have to be accompanied and assisted by at least a family member who will be fully responsible for the safety and well being of the said participant.
  • Any deviation which will and can shorten the schedule of our tour packages that are already running, will not be given a reduction of the cost or any discount of any sort.
  • Cancellation due to natural disasters, war, epidemics, terrorist acts or circumstances considered as “Force Majeure”, we will are not refundable.
  • Travion Tours reserves the right to cancel the registration of tour participants who have not paid the down payment or settlement within the time limit specified by Travion Tours.
  • The participant(s) understand and agree that in the event participant(s) skipped or missed one of the on-going tour due to any reason whatever including being not well, the missed activities are not refundable
  • The participant(s) understand and agree that in the event participant(s) are not allowed to enter the places and/or join any activities mentioned in this tour package for any reason whatsoever, the missed activities or entry fees are not refundable.
  • The participant(s) understand and agree that their personal safety and all their personal belongings including luggage, and all other items will always be under their own responsibility. Travion Tours management including the guide/driver cannot be held responsible for any losses and/or damages.
  • All participant(s) agree they must practice and exhibit good and exemplary behavior and conduct at all times during the tour including arrival, departure, and all free time available to them, and they are prohibited to conduct unacceptable behavior.

Unnaceptable behavior includes:

    1. Excessive Drinking;
    2. Actively disturbing other parties (Participants and External Parties);
    3. Catcalling, sexual harassment activities;
    4. Other activities which can be charged by criminal or administrative sanctions;
    5. etc

Travion Tours cannot be held responsible for the participant(s) behavior, and it shall be the participant(s) full responsibility to deal with any governing local authorities.

  • By paying a deposit fee, you are deemed to have understood and accepted the terms and conditions for the tour package above.